How to make a Spring Cup Spritzer Cocktail Jug

Mixed with notes of elderflower, lemongrass and ginger, and garnished with fresh herbs, the Spring Cup is perfect for race-day tipples, or for sharing on lazy summer days and backyard barbecues.

How to make an Elder Fashion

First created in 2007 by Phil Ward at the infamous New York City cocktail bar, Death and Co. A botanical and floral riff on a classic Old Fashioned cocktail.

How to make an Irish Maid

The Irish Maid is a riff on the Southern classic created by Milk and Honey’s Sam Ross, the Kentucky Maid. The Kentucky Maid calls for a bourbon whiskey whilst the Irish Maid calls for Irish whiskey.

How to make an Easy Street

The Easy Street cocktail is a creation of one the Everleigh team members and is essentially an Elderflower Gin Collins. Subtle sweet elderflower flavours with a spritz.

How to make an English Garden

The English Garden is made using typical English flavours and ingredients such as gin & cucumber. Sweet from the elderflower, lengthened with fresh apple juice and easy to drink.

How to make a Qui, Oui? Cocktail

The Qui Oui is an incredibly tasty twist on the very popular Italian drink, the Aperol Spritz. The elderflower liqueur and kiwi syrup bring sweetness to this slightly bitter drink, making it very easy to drink. First created by Nico de Soto of Mace in New York.

How to make a Part-time Lover

Designed to be enjoyed all year round with a winning combination of tequila and Aperol. The bitter and sour flavours are balanced by the sweetness of the elderflower.