Christmas Near Toronto

The Toronto cocktail is a cousin of the of the Old Fashioned, with the addition of Fernet Branca. Because it’s December, Corpen Distillers wanted to make it a bit more festive with the addition of a Christmas tree simple syrup which was then complimented with Cynar in place of Fernet.

How to Make a Smoked Cocktail [3 Videos + Recipe]

The addition of smoke adds depth to classic cocktails and an innovative twist to new creations. Whether a drink is shaken, stirred, or simply served neat, adding smoke to spirits is relatively easy with the techniques outlined in the videos below.

How to make a Big Trouble in Little Cynar

First created at VOX Table in Austin. The original recipe can be found below whilst the video contains an adapted recipe – with no Cocchi Americano on the back bar, I improvised with a combination of sweet and dry vermouth. I was quite happy with the results.