The team behind Cocktail Kit have a strong belief that both individuals and businesses need to take responsibility for minimising their impact on the environment. We continue to make small, incremental changes to minimise our footprint on the world.


We offset our carbon emissions by paid support to the Carbon Neutral program which turn emissions into trees. Carbon Neutral specialise in biodiverse conservation plantings using trees and shrubs that are native to the regions. Their trees sequester carbon, help reduce soil salinity, help combat wind and water erosion, enhance biodiversity and restore habitat for native animals. Planting trees also provides local employment, supports local business, and may contribute to increased rainfall.
To date, we have planted 380 trees.

Carbon Neutral


Our biggest concern is the single use plastic packaging that comes with a number of our products. We are currently working with our suppliers and manufacturers to implement changes and reduce this waste. We believe this plastic packaging can easily be replaced with sustainable, recyclable and renewable sources such as tissue paper and recycled cardboard packaging. This is one of our top priorities.

Environment Policy


We rely on a number of freight carriers to send our products around Australia including Sendle, Fastway, DHL, TNT, Startrack and Australia Post. Currently only a smaller percentage of our orders are sent via Sendle which is a Carbon-neutral delivery service. You can read more about their policy and how they offset carbon here. We send the majority of our orders via Fastway and Australia Post. For these freight services (and for other carbon producing activities) we offset our carbon footprint by planting trees through the Carbon Neutral program.


We had been searching for a supplier of eco friendly satchels for close to 12 months before we found a solution. We had even tried liaising with manufacturers and our freight companies to negotiate a deal to start producing compostable bags ourselves as there was nothing on the market. Recently we came across a new company from NZ, producing awesome looking compostable satchels (even compostable in your home compost!). If you are a business owner/manager or send satchels, please visit The Better Packaging Co – they’re actually incredibly well priced.


We use recycled cardboard for our packaging (not 100% recycled, but this will change with our next packaging order) and will soon be changing from standard tape to an eco friendly paper tape for our packages. We also reuse and recycle at every opportunity – reusing cardboard from our received deliveries for our wholesale clients and we recycle and compost any waste that we cannot reuse.

The packing filler we use for our orders is compostable and made from 100% natural starches (they look like styrofoam beans unfortunately but are compostable) or woodwool from sustainable sources.


We have moved electricity suppliers to Diamond Energy. They invest 100% in renewables and are a carbon negative operation. Installing solar panels for our warehouse is a priority to help minimise our carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy


Our efforts don’t stop once we leave the office. Here are a few small things we implement in our day to day lives: recycling, composting, use natural products (such as bamboo toothbrushes, green detergents and soaps, etc.) and we endeavour to make continuous improvements to minimise our waste (especially single use plastic!).


We’re open to any suggestions or solutions that can further improve our business and minimise our environmental impact. Feel free to reach out as we would love to hear from you! Contact us.

– Steve and Kat