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A set of good quality bar tools will make mixing drinks and cocktails easier. Of course you can utilise kitchen tools and utensils you have around the house and still make great drinks on no to minimal budget but if you enjoy a well crafted cocktail often, it would be worth investing in a set of good quality bar tools that will last you for many years to come.

This cocktail bartender buyers guide will navigate you through the various options available and recommended tools to fit, whether you are an aspiring home or professional bartender.



  1. Different types of Cocktail Shakers
  2. Cocktail jiggers and the importance of measuring
  3. Strainers – shaken, stirred and fine straining
  4. Citrus press and citrus juicing
  5. Mixing glasses and stirred cocktails
  6. Barspoons and stirring down a drink
  7. Muddlers – the low down of muddling mint and citrus



Fortunately you don’t need a big budget in order to make great drinks. You can get started, even with no budget, with items that are already laying around in your kitchen – for example, a protein shaker or tupperware container could be used as a cocktail shaker, a rolling pin for a muddler, a short spoon instead of a barspoon…. you get the idea. The main reason you may want or need bar tools, is if you make cocktails regularly and want to make them cleanly and efficiently – and some bar tools are also great show pieces.


Firstly, list out your favourite cocktails or what you would make most often and tailor your bar kit for these particular cocktails. If you are a Negroni or Old Fashioned fan then you only need to start with a mixing glass, barspoon, strainer and jigger and if you like shaking Daiquiri’s or Margarita’s then you only really need a cocktail shaker, jigger, strainer and juicer. Bottom line, tailor your cocktail equipment to the drinks that you will be making the most – you can always expand on your bar kit piece by piece and as your drink repertoire grows.

Here’s a good guide for what tools you need to get started based on what styles of cocktail you prefer to make.

[accordion title=”Bar Tools by Drink Type”]

[accordion-item title=”Shaken Cocktails”]

Examples: Margarita, Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan

1. Cocktail Shaker
2. Citrus Juicer
3. Jigger
4. Strainer (Hawthorn)
5. Glasses (High Ball, Old Fashioned, Coupe)

Optional: Knife, Chopping Board, Peeler, Fine Strainer, Ice Moulds


[accordion-item title=”Stirred Drinks”]

Examples: Old Fashioned, Negroni, Martini, Manhattan

1. Mixing Glass
2. Jigger
3. Strainer (Julep)
4. Barspoon
5. Glasses (High Ball, Old Fashioned)

Optional: Peeler, Ice Moulds


[accordion-item title=”Built Drinks”]

Examples: Mojito, Collins’, Sex on the Beach

1. Jigger
2. Barspoon
3. Glasses (High Ball)

Optional: Knife, Chopping Board, Peeler, Ice Moulds



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