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Oleo Saccharum

A concentrated citrusy syrup that works wonders in punches and many tropical and rum centric cocktails. Super easy to make with only 2 ingredients.

Pineapple, Ginger & Tumeric Shrub

A “Shrub” is basically a fruit-infused vinegar, to which you add either sparkling water, or alcohol. Kind of a cross between a cordial or syrup, and a Kombucha. It’s both sweet and tart – a combo that intrigues.

Cocktail Jiggers – Mixing Great Cocktails

Doubled sided jiggers are popular amongst professional bartenders due to their speed, ease of use and accuracy. Read on for tips on making great cocktails and alternative measuring tools.

Cocktail Barware Buyers Guide

You don’t need a big budget in order to make great drinks. Get started with items that are already in your kitchen. If you make cocktails regularly and want to make them cleanly and efficiently then here are the recommended bar tools.

How to Make a Smoked Cocktail [3 Videos + Recipe]

The addition of smoke adds depth to classic cocktails and an innovative twist to new creations. Whether a drink is shaken, stirred, or simply served neat, adding smoke to spirits is relatively easy with the techniques outlined in the videos below.

Cocktail Strainers 101: Hawthorn, Julep, Fine and Conical Strainers

Straining a shaken cocktail elevates the texture by removing pips, pulp and smaller ice shards. Straining a stirred cocktail is as important, removing smaller ice shards which will add extra dilution to a spirit-forward cocktail and potentially throw off the balance that you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Cocktail Shakers 101: Boston, Cobblers and Parisian Shakers

As a rule of thumb (and of course there are exceptions), drinks that contain juice, cream or eggs should be shaken. A few examples are the daiquiri, whiskey sour, tom collins (best to top with soda after shaking and straining), cosmopolitan and margarita.

How to shake and separate a Cocktail Shaker

Find out why and what cocktails to shake. Learn how to shake a cocktail, separate a cocktail shaker and serve impressive drinks. If you follow a few simple tips then you’ll find it relatively easy to shake and strain your drink.

How to make Grapefruit Soda

A simple 3 ingredient recipe to make your own grapefruit soda at home. Super tasty and the addition of agave in this grapefruit soda makes it the perfect soda for a Paloma.